December 08, 2009

'Tis the season to write

How serious are you about your writing career? Is it just something that you plan to get around to someday? Or is it such a deep desire to write that you feel like you just can't stand yourself unless you're creating something with the written word?

No matter what category you find yourself, there are some very real steps you can take to make those writing dreams come true.

First, make time for your writing. Schedule a block of time according to what makes sense with your life. Some writers only have 2-3 hours on the week-ends while other authors work for 1 hour each day and take the week-ends off. Some writers may block out 15-20 hours per week just to write!

Second, assess your goal for completion. If you want to finish a 70,000 word manuscript in 4 months then you will need to take those more serious steps of change in your life in order to appropriately manage your project.

Third, involve yourself with a writing coach; critique partner; or writing group. This is vital to you to receive feedback on your work. This is also a critical step prior to sending your work out either to an agent or even to be published. As an author, you need feedback from others in order to refine your work. You will soon find your writing partners just as important as your laptop to the process of writing.

Fourth, enjoy your writing time! I speak with so many writers who are so tangled up in the emotion of wanting so hard to be published that it actually creates a writer's block. If this happens to you, here's a "buzz" tip:

Take a deep breath. Step away from your current project and refocus on a quick exercise. Select an item from your kitchen cupboard. Write a short 1000 word story about that item. Create two characters (if possible) and tell a story about that object. Perhaps, the object is a coffee cup. Your story might go something like this:

                      Jenna stood on tip-toe to reach the cabinet above the the coffee-maker. Reaching in, she pulled out her favorite white and blue floral cup. Looking down into the cup as she measured exactly the amount of sugar....

Well, writing friends, you get the idea.

Have a blessed day!